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We want to honor all our classmates who have passed on before us. Please forward information to someone on the Contact list if you know of anyone not on this list. Thanks.

Mary Ainsworth

Gloria Autaubo

Leland Bauman

Jerry Brewer

Lisa Brittain

Cathy Brown

Sharon Brown

Jerry Buckhold

Tommie Burris

Teddy Byrns

Virginia Cash (Drewery)

Ronnie Catledge

Larry Cooner

Barbara Dale (Lesher)

Eileen Dodson

Paul Dragus

Naomi Eutsler (Brown)

Karen Faught (Sullivan)

Gene Ferguson

Bill Floyd

Linda Genzer

John Gonzales

Charles Goodson

Gary Hair

Pam Hardin (Moulton)

Tommy Harrison

John Hauck

Jerry Hawthorne

Pat Hernandez

Jimmy Higgins

Dewey Hilterbrand

Franklin Hooper

Debe Jefferson

Steve Jones

Warren Kindrick

Larry Knopp

Terry Lanier

Chris LeBlanc

Michelle Manning

Jim P. Martin

Clayton Mayers

Jimmy McCarron

Ronnie McHuen

Charles E. Miller

Calvin Millican

Steve Mock

Tommy Morrison

Frank Mountford

Sandy Nichols (Sharp)

Howard W. Palmore

Mike Park

Robert Perdue

Mike Perry

David Pierce

Dennis Querdibitty

Perry Rakestraw

Cyndy Reagan

Donna Reeves (Goodwin)

James Rhodes

Barbara Roberts

Mike Roberts

Denny Rogers

Keri Rosebrook

Gary Rowland

Kathleen Rowland (Pritchard)

Judy Runyon (Gill)

Richard Sack

Connie Sanders (Blair)

Linda Sanderson (Little)

George Scott

John Scott

Keith Shade

Kenny Smith

Marsha “Marty” Smith (Dragus)

Francis “Frankie” Southerland

Monte Steele

George Taylor

Lynn Tooker

Jackie Unsell

Jerry Waddle

Jimmie Wade

John Weatherford

James Wilson

Richard C. Wyant